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:: Tom Mount - Sports / Education - 2000

Tom Mount   Tom Mount is the Founder of IAND, Inc., the first certification agency to offer a full array of Nitrox, mixed gas and technical diving programs. His entire life has been devoted to development of safer diving programs for divers ranging from novice to the most extreme of exploration divers. He is one of the world’s most experienced technical divers. He started teaching cave diving courses in 1963. He became one of the founding members of the first cave (technical) diving training agencies, America's oldest cave diving organizations, the NACD (1968). He is one of the most experienced and active rebreather divers teaching today, having made his first Rebreather dive in 1958. Since that time he has dived almost every Rebreather to be produced acquiring thousands of hours on them. Tom Mount first started diving in 1958.

Even now he continues to log an average of over 300 dives annually. In 1991 he joined IAND with its founder Dick Rutkowski and was instrumental in restructuring of the organization to include all levels of mixed gas and technical diving. Later in 1994 he led the BOD and BOA to expand the IAND, Inc./IANTD Training Programs to include recreational diving programs as well as technical courses. Tom Mount's background includes, former
dive shop and commercial dive service owner, former Dive Officer University of Miami RSMAS, Training Director of the YMCA SCUBA Program, NAUI Course Director, NAUI IT, Hyperbaric Chamber operator / supervisor, photojournalist, videographer, off-shore power boat race driver, martial arts Grand Master (8th Dan), twin engine airplane pilot, licensed USCG/Merchant Marine Master (Captain), and diving consultant. Tom has been honored in Who's Who, Who’s Who in Diving, Pioneers In Diving as well as in he is a 1993 SSI Platinum Pro Award recipient. Tom has been fortunate enough to work on numerous saturation diving projects in the capacity of aquanaut and dive supervisor. Tom is a recipient of the diving’s most prestigious award, the NOGI, in 2001. The award was for his contributions in Sports Education. He has written over a dozen technical textbooks and has contributed over 400 articles to magazines and technical diving publications throughout the world. Tom is known as a world-class underwater photographer. His photos have appeared in Skin Diver, Scuba Times, Underwater USA, Florida Scuba News, Sport Diver, Ocean Realm, Diver Magazine, Discover Diving, Dive Magazine of Israel, Fisheye View and Ocean Fantasy.

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