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Zale Parry Scholarship Terms



  • A resident of the United States or Canada

  • A certified scuba diver

  • Currently enrolled in a graduate school program (Masters program only) in any of the following diving fields of study.  NOTE: Graduates do not qualify.

Aquatic Biology, Ecology, and other Marine Science Related Fields

Marine Conservation and Education

Diving Medicine and Hyperbaric

Ocean Engineering

Underwater Archeology

  • Complete the application form

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • 500 Word Essay (please include how you would use the grant money)

  • Include 2 letters of recommendation

  • Photocopies of all diving certification cards

  • Complete application packets must be mailed to the following address:


27 West Anapamu Street #317

Santa Barbara, California93105


  • Complete applications must be postmarked no later than August 31, Application year.



Deadline for The Zale Parry Scholarship applications
-All applications must be complete. Select SCHOLARSHIP from menu for an application form or click HERE. Applications  must be received no later than August 31st, application year.
-The Recipient of this Scholarship will be selected by Sept. 30, of each year and notified within a few days of selection.

-If you have questions or need more information about the Zale Parry Scholarship, please use our contact form

Diving Medicine Scholarship Details


The AUAS/DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship was established by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences to encourage research on topics that expand the body of knowledge of human physiology in the marine environment.

Eligibility and Award Amount

Proposal submissions will be considered from individuals who possess: (a) A PhD, MD, DO, or Master’s degree; (b) Previous publications in the peer-reviewed literature; and, (c) A record of interest and/or involvement with diving medical research. The award period is for a maximum of one year and may not exceed $10,000 in budget request.


Proposal submission

Proposals must be submitted electronically by September 15th, current year, as a single PDF file to AUAS.

Two letters of support may be sent directly to contact email:

Proposal review

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by a panel of the AUAS Board for scientific merit, project feasibility and appropriateness for AUAS funding.


Award notification

Award notification will be forwarded electronically to the applicants.



IRB approval of human subject’s studies, collecting permits, animal care and use approval and other procedures must follow Institutional policy and regulations.


Progress reports and publications

  1. A final report is required for all projects and must be electronically submitted no later than one year from start of the AUAS/DAN Scholarship.

  2. All publications resulting from this fellowship supported by the AUAS must include an acknowledgment.

Proposal format

I. COVER PAGE (required elements)

  1. Full Name.

  2. Current title and affiliation.

  3. Degrees, universities, and dates of conferment.

  4. Phone number and E-mail address.

  5. Mailing address.

  6. Short title of proposed research.

  7. Proposed project duration.

  8. Proposal budget.

  9. Names and email addresses of two persons submitting letters of support.

II. Proposal Body (NTE 4 pages):

  1. Project Title.

  2. Abstract (max 300 words).

  3. Introduction – include appropriate background, rationale, and support from the published medical/scientific literature.

  4. Goal and Objectives – include clear statement of central question or problem and the major elements comprising the objectives to address the goal. What are the hypotheses?

  5. Methods – include summary of approach, procedures, experimental designs, technical methods, and/or statistical treatment. Indicate the type of equipment to be used and the frequency of its need.

  6. Work plan and time schedule – give dates and locations and outline of schedule for completion of work.

  7. Significance/Relevance – briefly explain the anticipated contribution and significance of this project to diving and hyperbaric medicine.


III. Literature Cited


IV. Budget and Justification (NTE $10,000/year): Specify cost for travel (including per diem and transportation), supplies, equipment needs, permits, publication costs. Indicate source and amounts of matching funds from other sources, if available.


V. Curriculum Vitae (NTE 2 pages)

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