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Letter from Mike Aw December 30th, 2014

Gosh am I glad this is the last day of this dreadful year…instead of droning about it, I shall like to share with you my year in pictures – thank you deeply for supporting my work and kind assistance. For those that hv joined me through the year, thank you for the adventures.


I know next year will be HUGE – in Jan and Feb we have orcas in Norway, follow by sharks and crocodiles in Cuba, great hammerheads in Bahamas. In March, the sardine run departing from Port Elizabeth and the in late March, our first exploratory expedition to the Kei Island to search for hammerheads and leatherbacks. In June we will jump into the Okavango delta with the Nile crocs follow by another sardine run departing from Mboyti. Well, August shall be our long awaited expedition of the century – the Elysium expedition starts from Longyearbyen, covering the Svalbard, Greenland and ending in Iceland.

Well from late September to the year end we have quite a few possibilities; of course I will try to squeeze in as much as possible. Meanwhile, remember, LIFE’S SHORT, live every day as if it is your last, and LIVE YOUR PASSION… LIVE YOUR DREAM.

I hope you will enjoy my 2014 in pictures - CLICK HERE

HOPE you like the music as well – this is the theme music specially written by Eric Bettens for Elysium Artists for Arctic project.

Have a Merry New Year and have a fabulous 2015. The Schedule: Ocean Geographic Expeditions 2015 Norway – orcas: January Cuba – Gardens of the Queen: January Bahamas – Bimini – Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks: February South Africa – Port Elizabeth Sardine Run: March Kei Islands, Indonesia: March/April Botswana – Nile crocodile: June South Africa – Mboyti Sardine Run: June/ July High Arctic – Elysium Epic expedition, Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland: Aug/Sept Maldives – Sharks, Mantas expedition: October Indonesia – Cenderawasih Bay/ Raja Ampat: December

December 30th, 2014 from Michael Aw

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