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Reef Guardians Hawaii Educating the next generation as stewards of the Marine Environment

RGH Reef Camp June 2017

Reef Guardians Hawaii, based on Kauai's north shore, has been doing ongoing research and educating government, community; both locally and worldwide, as to the plight of its reefs and their inhabitants. Combining research spanning over 5 years along with a comprehensive video library we continue to monitor and report back on the health of the reefs on Kauai and Oahu and openly sharing all data with both federal and state agencies, universities and other non-profits.

Our Summer camp was launched this year and in 4 weekly sessions we graduated almost one hundred 9-12 year olds in our immersive program. Included were daily snorkel trips with Marine biologistsMonk seal conservationists, videographers and water safety volunteers to provide a hands on-flippers on full immersive experience for the next generation of ocean enthusiasts.

We have played a significant role in providing education and research with regard to keeping our reefs healthy. Featured in the news and media our message has been clear and our impact on the reefs return to health from the brink of disaster is a proof of the dedication by all involved with our organization. Please check us out at REEFGUARDIANS.ORG and if you would like to help out or even join our esteemed list of advisors please let us know.

Right now we can use your help as its time to replace our research vessel and also contribute to our Education and research programs which you can do right here:

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