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Hillary Hauser's New Book "Dancing on Waves" is here !

Hillary Hauser, NOGI DS/2009) has just released her newest book,Dancing on Waves: A True Story of Finding Love & Redemption in the Ocean.

The book is now available to order and focuses on Hillary’s diving adventures – she has explored sinkholes in South Australia for National Geographic, slid into a flooded cavern underneath a mountain in Death Valley, and dived Jaws and Mavericks for The Surfers Journal.

"Dancing on Waves" tells of these and other adventures, and of her profound love of the ocean. It tells of personal anguish and triumph that led her to co-found Heal the Ocean, which has become an immensely successful environmental advocacy group that has earned prestigious accolades for the removal of septic systems from 7 miles of south Santa Barbara County beaches, including the world-famous Rincon surf break.

Dancing on Waves reminds us all of the beauty and comfort the ocean brings us. Congratulations Hillary - Heal the Ocean is so proud of the book and we are excited for you all to get to know Hillary on an entirely different level from politics!

To order click HERE


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