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Bernie Campoli honored as 2017 Beneath the Sea "Diver of the Year!"

Congratulations to Bernie Campoli! member of AUAS and NOGI Recipient. A little background on Bernie...He is also a recipient of Emmy photo credits for Discovery Channel’s "Silent Option" and “In Harm’s Way" which included his underwater scenes of working on submarine decks and surfacing submarines. This footage continues to be used on Discovery, NGS, ABC, Learning Channel, History and Military Channels, and feature motion pictures.

Bernie's images of military diving have appeared in theU.S. Navy Dive Manual, All Hands Magazine, Naval Institute Proceedings, and the 2008 historical compendium Naval Forces Under the Sea, Volumes 1 and 2. Bernie retired from the Federal Government in March 2000. Bernie is a Life Time Member of the National UDT-SEAL Museum and the UDT-SEAL Association, an associate member of the Boston Sea Rovers and maintains NAUI instructor number 1900.

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