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The Museum of Civil War Medicine have named Frank Butler as the recipient of the 2017 Major Jonathan Letterman Award. Congratulation Frank!!

Captain Frank K. Butler, (USN ret), MD served as a Navy SEAL, as an innovator and leader in Navy and civilian dive medicine, and most importantly as the driving force of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). TCCC are strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield and a set of guidelines to properly train non-medics to deal with the preventable causes of death in the field and now in the civilian world. “In researching the career of Dr. Butler, it became obvious that he is indeed a ‘Living Letterman,’” explains NMCWM Executive Director David Price, “Dr. Butler’s accomplishments in the military, in the diving world, in ophthalmology and in civilian medicine are too numerous to list, however the singular achievement of his amazing career is conceiving and bringing to worldwide implementation of TCCC. He literally wrote the book on the guidelines to critical care in combat – just like Major Jonathan Letterman did during the Civil War. There are few more deserving of this award than Dr. Butler.”

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