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Phil Nuytten Honored "Order of Canada"

Phil Nuytten, founder of North Vancouver’s Nuytco undersea engineering business, will be invested into the Order of Canada tomorrow in Ottawa.

Photo Lisa King, North Shore News

Nuytten invented a number of submarines and submersible suits including the Exosuit.He’s also anaccomplished Aboriginal artist.

Phil Nuytten is keeping some NASA scientists waiting.

photo Lisa King, North Shore News

The entrepreneur, Aboriginal artist and inventor of undersea technology from North Vancouver has some loose ends to tie up before flying to Ottawa where he’ll be named an Officer of the Order of Canada on Friday.

Every year, the Governor General adds new members to the list of eminent Canadians, recognizing their “outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.” The founder of Nuytco, as well as Bowen Island tech industry leader Haig Farris, has been invested to the order this year.



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